The Rajputs form a significant constituent in the

Hindu inhabitants of the state of Gujarat in

India. The word Rajput has been derived from

two words: “rajah” meaning King and “putra”

meaning son, therefore meaning the son of a

King. This is why the Rajputs are essentially the

descendants of the Kings of the country.

Although the term Rajput has been around since

the 7th century, India has had many Rajputs

ever since the civilisation probably started.

Since this land was ruled by many people, all

the Hindu rulers were known as Rajputs.

However, towards the end of the 10th century,

Rajputs came to be further classified into two


The role of Darbaar Caste

Being the most prominent Rajput clan of

Gujarat, the Darbar caste has played a very

critical role in the development of the state

since the 10th century. The chief of the Darbaar

caste family is referred to a Darbar Saheb. This

is a title of honour given to him.

As such there isn’t any specific caste of Darbar

but they are pretty much regarded as a unique

community in their own rights owing to their

cultural superiority. It must be noted that a

Rajput chieftain or a lord of small principality in

any state will often be referred to as Darbar

sahib not meaning as the Darbaar caste but

simply as a leader.

However, amongst all other states, the Darbar

community holds a special position in the

general society of Gujarat. They are true to their

traditions till date. It will not be incorrect to

state that they have upheld some of the most

beautiful and significant cultural rites even in

the modern world.

Rajput-Darbaar Horseman against Mughals

What significance has the Darbar caste played

in the modern times?

With the change in time and our modern

development, the roles given to the castes are

no longer the same as before. I am a very proud

member of my caste and cherish our legacies,

but also a strong believer in the fact that the

more we diversify ourselves the better will it be

for the community altogether. This is precisely

why you will find that the Darbar Rajputs of

Gujarat are no longer holding office only in the

field of ruling and administration.

We are educationists, writers, painters,

engineers, soldiers, craftsmen and just about

every kind of profession that you can imagine.

We bring our inbred leadership qualities at the

helm of India’s growth.

Being patriotic and chivalrous, you will find

that the Darbar community has given a lot to

ensure that the state of Gujarat continues to

thrive and be one of the best places to live in

within the nation. We are proud of the service

that we can offer to our motherland and are

true to our every word! Jai jai garvi Gujarat!

However, Rajputs have been called differently in

various sections of the region. Amongst the

popular names are:






A. Girasia – also known as Darbaar and Bapu in Gujarat

B. Rajput of various states


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